Adolph is a stag created by DixieCountryGirl. He is the adopted father of Michael, Dixie, and Bianca. He is the son of Gurri. He is a buck.


Adolph may look tough and intimidating, but Adolph is really a sweetheart. He loves the fawns deeply, as though they were his biological fawns. He is very caring and friendly, always willing to help the fawns. He is also very wise, teaching the fawns everything they need to survive and then some. He is also very brave, willing to fight anyone who hurts or threatens the fawns. He commands respect wherever he goes, partly because of his battle scars, and partly because of his kindness and selflessness.


Adolph looks very much like The Great Prince of the Forest, with a big brown mane with a lighter section in the middle. He has brown eyes, with a red scar over his left eye. He has a big brown rack of antlers, with the left one being broken (currently he sports a full rack, with both antlers). He wears a black spiked collar, very similar to Jack. His overall body is brown, and the top of his head is dark brown. On his back, he has three scratches and three chunks are missing from his back. He has a scar on his left cheek, and a scar over his right eye as well. He has a red scratch over his nose. He has notches missing from both his ears.


Adolph is the current Great Prince of the Forest, and is passing on his wisdom to the fawns. He wandered the woods for many years, taking care of all the animals and plants. When Man destroyed the forest, Adolph had to lead the animals to the boreal forest up north. There, Adolph met Dixie, Bianca, Scout, Ranger, and Michael. The fawns were attacked by a cougar again, and Adolph sustained many injuries fending the cougar off. He then adopted the fawns as his own, teaching them how to be good leaders someday.


Bianca- Adopted Daughter

Dixie- Adopted Daughter

Michael- Adopted Son

Gurri- Mother


The bases for Adolph was created by TheRealRepunzel on

Adolph is the only stag created so far

Adolph is also the only adult deer created so far

Despite not being the adopted father of Scout and Ranger, Adolph cares very deeply for them, helping them with their problems, mentoring them, and protecting them.