Before we begin, It is a major rule to NOT use a user's real name, or to pressure them to give out personal information.

Editing Rules Edit

  • Do not add fanfiction to any official articles or canon articles (those are for OFFICIAL characters, not fanon ones)
  • Don't bully
  • Don't Curse/Swear/Insult
  • Do not use religious items in your stories.

Photo/Picture Rules Edit

  • All pictures MUST BE YOU OWN (or you have permission from the original artist; if using bases, be sure to credit the original artists as well.
  • No editing art belonging to someone else without permission.
  • No erasing perfectly good pictures/art from SOMEONE ELSES PAGES.
  • Don't name photos "dfbsdkfbksdlhfvdshvdjvhfdsfbhjdsblier"
  • Don't add pornographic material.

Photo Rules Edit

  • Don't name photos "dfbsdkfbksdlhfvdshvdjvhfdsfbhjdsblier"
  • Don't add pornographic material.

Message Wall Rules Edit

  • Don't remove a post unless it's spam
  • Don't Cuss
  • Don't spam

One Very Important RuleEdit

Do not Sockpuppet if we catch you, your banned.