Bianca is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. She is the sister of Michael and Dixie. She is a doe.


Bianca is the flower girl of the trio. She likes to be out in nature, much more than the others do. She is friendly and playful, and loves flowers. She is also very peaceful, not wanting to cause or be a part of quarrels. She often annoys others with her vast knowledge of flowers, her favorite being the Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis)


Bianca drives the bucks crazy with her looks. She wears a green choker with a sapphire charm. She has purple splotches on her belly. She wears a purple flower in her hair, and wears a red earring in her right ear, and a green earring in her left. She has purple eyes. Like her siblings, she has light brown fur, with a light tan underbelly. It is also light tan on the underside of her leg and around her eyes, and at the bottom of her ears. She has black tips on her ears. She has dark maroon bangs with dark maroon spots on her back. She wears a red flower on her right leg. On her back right leg, she wears a red anklet.


Michael- Brother

Dixie- Sister

Scout- Friend

Sophie- Cousin

Ranger- Friend

Ferto- Grandfather


Bianca and her siblings were born to and sometime in the spring. When they were young, they were chased by a cougar, and Michael was attacked. They wandered Banff National Park for 2 months, before meeting Scout. Scout then led them up north, to Jasper National Park.

Trivia Edit

the bases for Bianca, Scout, Dixie and Michael was created by Tsukasafanadoptables on

Bianca is the only sibling to have earrings by choice.

Scout has a crush on her, although Bianca has no interest in Scout. However, Dixie does.

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