Dixie is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. She is the sister of Bianca and Michael. She has a crush on Scout. She is a doe.


Dixie is a tomboy. However, she loves the latest fads. She is kind, caring, and respects every animal in the forest, even creatures like snails, worms, and spiders. She has a huge crush on Scout, and wishes she could talk to him without blushing. She is adventurous, and loves exploring. She is especially close to her sister, Bianca. She loves to help animals in trouble.


She looks very similar to her siblings with a tan body, black ear tips, a brown head, and a light underbelly. She wears a choker with a big red heart charm. Much like her sister, she has dark maroon spots on her back. She has black hooves, with a grey tail. On her left back leg, she wears a purple anklet. Just like Scout's bracelet, she wears a yellow ear tag with a big black 1 on it. Like Bianca, she wears a purple flower on her head. She has a black nose.


Dixie roamed the forest in Banff with her siblings. There, they met Scout. Dixie quickly fell in love with Scout, although Scout is not interested in her.


Bianca- Sister

Michael- Brother

Scout- Friend/Crush [[ Sophie]]- Cousin

Ranger- Friend

Ferto- Grandfather


The bases for Bianca, Scout, Michael and Dixie were created by tsukasafanadoptables on

She is the only character to have an ear tag.

She was originally stolen from her parents for breeding, hence the ear tag. This is the same story for Scout, except Scout was found roaming the woods. They both escaped.

Her best friend is her sister, Bianca.

She is the only fawn to have a pure-black nose.

Ranger trys to impress dixie by dixiecountrygirl-dcar2um