Michael is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. He is the brother of Dixie and Bianca. He is a buck.


Michael is a worry wart, and is terrified of everything. He enjoys having fun, but is always worried about being attacked by a cougar again. He is friendly and caring. He is very frantic, sometimes running if a leaf blows. He cares deeply for Dixie and Bianca, his only family.


He looks the same as his sisters, with a brown body, black ear tips, light underbelly, and brown top of head. He has brown hooves. He is the only one of his siblings to have blue eyes. He has giant scratches on his rump, and a notch is taken out of his right ear. He has dark maroon stripes on his back legs. He has black splotches on his back. He is a giant rad scar over his right eye. He wears a purple sash.


When he was young, he and his siblings were attacked by a cougar. Michael was injured the worst, with a scar over his eyes, a notch out of his right ear, and giant scratches on his rump. Soon after, they met Scout, and they became best friends.


Scout- Friend

Bianca- Sister

Dixie]]- Sister

Ranger- Friend

Sophie- Cousin

Ferto- Grandfather


The bases for Michael, Dixie, Bianca, and Scout were created by tsukasafanadoptables on

He is the only fawn to have blue eyes so far.