Ranger is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. He is the long-lost twin brother of Scout. He has a huge crush on Dixie. He is the grandson of Ronno. He is an orphan, like his brother. He is a buck.
Ranger- finished


Ranger is brave and courageous. he is also fairly foolish, willing to do almost anything to get Dixie's attention. He is softer than his brother, although he too was abandoned by their parents. Ranger is very prideful, often doing stupid things to get Dixie's attention. He is very friendly, and is friends with almost every creature in the forest. He is fun-loving, and makes friends easily.


ranger bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Ronno. He has a dark auburn body, with a slightly darker head and a lighter underbelly. He has a small rack of tan antlers. He has 6 tan spots on each side of his body. His ears are outlined in grey. He has dark blue sapphire eyes, and has black hooves. He wears a green bracelet on his front right leg, and an anklet of the same color on his back left leg. He wears a black choker with a gold medallion with a black 1 on it, much like Dixie and Scout.


Scout- Brother

Dixie- Crush/Friend

Bianca- Friend

Michael- Friend

Ronno- Grandfather

Jack- Cousin

Adolph- Father Figure (not official adopted father, but does love them)


Ranger was born soon after Scout, but Ranger was kept because of his good looks. However, the humans stole him for their deer breeding plantation. Ranger escaped soon after.

Ranger roamed the wilderness for a month, before running into Scout and the trio. Soon after, he fell head over hooves for Dixie, though she doesn't notice him.


The bases for ranger was created by tsukasafanadoptables on

Ranger met his grandfather, unlike Scout.

It is unknown where Ranger got his blue eyes; none of his relatives have blue eyes.

Ranger s dream by dixiecountrygirl-dcar99w