Ronno is a canon character who appears in the Bambi universe. He is Bambi's rival.



Ronno in the original film does not speak, and his name is not revealed. He is brave, forcing Faline into the forest. He is not afraid to fight, putting up quite a fight before Bambi shoves him off a cliff and into a pond. He is also quite mean, forcing Bambi away from Faline before Bambi charges at him.

Bambi IIEdit

Ronno in this film is a fawn, and his name is revealed. He is loud, annoying, and mean. He often makes fun of Bambi, and brags about how brave he is. He is also very proud of his antlers, whom he named Stab and Jab. He loves attention, and will do anything to get it. He also has a crush on Faline. He is also a coward, as shown when he runs away from Man's Dogs.

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