Scout is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. He has a crush on Bianca. He is an orphan. He is a buck. He is the grandson of Ronno. He is the brother of Ranger.
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Being an orphan, Scout is resilient, strong, and tough. He has a great sense of direction, and has walked many miles. He is best friends with Dixie, Bianca, and Michael, and has a crush on Bianca, though she does not reciprocate the feelings. When talking to Bianca, he is bashful, shy, and gets shaky in the knees. He is very brave, willing to give up his life for his friends if necessary.


He bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Ronno. He has beige spots on his back, and has a small pair of tan antlers. He wears a yellow bracelet on his left front leg with a black 1 on it. He has a black arrow that goes through his left ear. The bottom and tops of his ears are black. He is darker than the trio, with a light underbelly and dark body. His tail has a black rim around it. He wears a black choker with a grey medallion that has a grey 1 on it. He has black hooves.


When Scout was born, his parents did not like his appearance, and so abandoned him in the forest. There, Scout learned how to survive. He was a protected species, but a man shot him with an arrow. Soon after, he met the trio. Soon after, he fell in love with Bianca.


Ronno- Grandfather

Bianca- Friend/Love Interest

Michael- Friend

Dixie- Friend

Jack- Cousin

Ranger- Brother

Adolph- Father Figure (not official adopted father, but does love them)


The bases for Bianca, Scout, Dixie, and Michael were all created by tsukasafanadoptables on

Despite him having a crush on Bianca, Bianca has no interest in him. Her sister, Dixie does, however.

He bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Ronno.

Bianca and scout play together by dixiecountrygirl-dcar4ub
Scout talks to bianca finished by dixiecountrygirl-dcamdec