Seta's Parents are the parents of Seta

Appearance Edit

Seta's Dad Edit

Seta's dad is tan with brown rings around his eyes. He has silky fur and sky blue eyes. He has brown chest fur. He has maroon antlers. He has brown fur around his mouth.

Seta's Mother Edit

Seta's mother has gold silky fur. She has orange eyes and yellow eyes. She also has yellow chest fur. She has yellow fur around her mouth.

Personality Edit

Seta's Dad Edit

Seta's dad can be rude at times. He can also be mean at some points. He is romantic around Seta's mother. He cares deeply for Seta and tries to keep him out of trouble at points. He is very protective of Seta and his older brother Umba.

Seta's Mother Edit

Seta's mother can be very romantic around Seta's Father. She is protective of Seta and Umba. She loves her children. She could sometimes be mean as a doe.


  • Seta's mother kissed Seta's dad first.
  • They have a older son, Umba.

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