Sophie is a fawn created by DixieCountryGirl. She is the girlfriend of Jack. She is the cousin of Dixie, Bianca and Michael. She is a doe. She is the granddaughter of Ferto.


Sophie is very bratty, very concerned about her appearance. She is very cowardly; never willing to face conflict. She is very spoiled. She looks down on her cousins, considering them ugly worthless rats. The trio do not like her for this reason. She likes to brag, and often shows off her things.


Sophie looks very much like Bambi, despite not being directly related. She has a dark tan head, a tan body, and a light underbelly. She wears purple earrings in her ears, and wears a purple earring in her tail. She wears a fuchsia flower in her hair. She wears a purple choker, and has black stripes on her back, which she hates. On her back left leg, she has small grey spots. On her front right leg, she wears a red bracelet. She has orange eyes.


Sophie was born in the same meadow as Bambi. She is spoiled, and thus has no respect for other animals. She was running from Dixie (who hates her) when she ran into Jack. The two fell in love and are officially a couple.


Ferto- Grandfather

Jack- Boyfriend

Dixie- Cousin

Michael- Cousin

Bianca- Cousin

Sophie adult finished by dixiecountrygirl-dcamzne

Sophie as an adult


Sophie is the only character to have a tail piercing.

Sophie is the brattiest character.

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